Six Ways to Gain Respect, Despite Your Youth

I had a client this week ask me how to gain the respect of older employees. My client is a young entrepreneur, he employees retired people to help during the afternoons when he sees a spike in traffic. He has been having a hard time managing them. “They seem to always know a better way.” He just needs them to complete the task without trying to reinvent the wheel. After giving him some tips I forwarded him the article I found on line.

Here are the topics, read more after clicking the link below.

  1. Be a student of everyone
  2. Write really well
  3. Demonstrate leadership
  4. Work smarter
  5. Show up
  6. Avoid being an idiot

[site link] [720.279.4709]


  1. qwertyass

    I think #2 is way too specific.

  2. Agreed. The “[site link]” at the bottom of the post provides some more insight to all six ideas.

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