Every been in a coffee shop an airport and need to send a fax. Yes some people still use these. :) Maybe it’s a customer finally closing themselves on that contract you were working so hard on. Now they want to sign and you want to take advantage of that decision. Find some internet access and log in to FaxZero. Attached the file and put in the fax number. It drops an advertisement on the cover sheet, but who cares. You just made a sale and the customers documents are getting signed. You can send an ad free fax for $1.99.

[site link] [720.279.4709]


  1. Arthur Bryant

    I have a message in a file but when I put the name of the file in for browse, I am told the name is wrong. So what do I do?

  2. I would contact their support area. Maybe it’s your file name. Are there any spaces in the title? …unsupported file type?

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