“Ten Great Marketing Insights From My Summer Intern”

Not many of us are as lucky when it comes to interns. Looks like Pete Blackshaw of “The ClickZ Network” found a winner. His intern Chandler Koglmeier gave him this list of winning Marketing tips. I posted my favorite below.

“Reputation is earned, never assumed. True online street cred must be earned, says Chandler. “If it happened yesterday and you post it, you’re a little behind the curve. If it happened a week ago and you post it, you’ll lose your readers and be run off the Internet,” he says. “Readers want fresh scoops, new information, video, and all the wonders of the new Internet. If readers want old information, they can always watch the evening news.” Well, every Blog 101 book makes this point, but it’s good to know the younger set walks the walk…and will keep us all accountable.”

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