Note from the CEO

2007 has seen our company grow in so many different ways.  I am proud to say that the goals set for 2007 have all been accomplished.  As a team we overcame a lot of adversity this year.  We were busy consulting without a clear vision of what it is we do as individuals.  More importantly, what it is each of use LIKE to do.  Some of us started out the year thinking we knew the answers to the questions, but as we close the year we are all in different seats on our boat.  I hope 2008 will continue the push for honest yet soft feedback we have given each other this year.

Going into 2008 we have solidifed our product line and made this operation much easier to manage.

I can say we now have a full fledged Web Team that can take on any job.  The sites we have built are getting huge hit numbers.  Keep up the good work.  That shopping cart model you guys have working is incredible.  In combination with the interactive site software will mean huge business in 2008.

The Business Consulting Team has a great handle on  everything we have to offer.  Cross selling is key and makes our customer more confident in our product line.

Financial software training will continue to be a huge part of our 2008 budget.  Your selling goals are huge for 2008.  Use the strategies we discussed and it will be fruitful.

building.jpgI will taking an indefinite leave of absence starting Jan 2008.  I will be working on personal projects.  Yes we can still all meet for beers, but probably not as often. :)   This business was and is a dream of mine.  I have spoken to each of individually and you all know just how important you are to this business.  You guys no longer need me to drive this boat.  I am just the first one to ride in the inner tube towed behind.  I have all the confidence in world in our new Captain and her abilities. Trust her leadership.  She has great vision.  Be honest with her.

Merry Christmas everyone and I wish each of you a successful New Year.

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