another project almost complete

Our web guy has almost completed his latest project  The project has a little bonus because it involves caffeine.  Something most business people can’t live without.

Crowfoot Valley Coffee, here in our home town, was looking for a site update.  The shop roasts its own beans, on site.  One of the only coffee shops in America that does this.  This means that Crowfoot customers get the freshest possible beans.  Whether those beans are in a cup of espresso or in a bag taken home for home brewing.

Taylor, one of the managers, wanted and update to the site.  An update that would bring them and internet shopping cart.  The shop also wanted something that can easily be updated by actual staff at the coffee shop.  All of this with out spending a penny on software.  Tough task?  Not really.  Give us a call or drop us a line we can help you build a site that’s easy to manage also.

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