The Capitol Markets stink, so I’m back

The past five months have been an been a frustratingly pleasant.  Pleasant because of the new colleagues I have been exposed to.  Frustrating because the perception of a bad market has become a self fulfilling prophecy.

The move, back in Dec, was a strategic one.  My wife’s company was in the middle of a large acquisition.  She was “on the bubble”.

I started work on a project with a large indirect auto originator.  Most of my post college experience was concentrated in this industry.  The company I worked for relied on wholesale lines of credit for indirect lending.  Losing ground on bond ratings caused them to relinquish their main wholesale line.  Now 1600 of us are moving on to better things.

While I was gone your consultants have been doing just fine.  As I write this I am wondering what I am going to do tomorrow.  My focus over the next few weeks will be marketing. That means more 4am thinking sessions.  I do my best thinking at 4am.  I’ll be sharing some new ideas with you over the next few days.

…when do you do your best thinking?

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