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Is a business consultant just a psychologist for your business? I had a client refer to me as such a few sessions ago.  She was appearing to give a compliment.  On the surface I took it as such, but then I began to think about it.  Are we?

I personally have never seen one so the speculation beyond this point is hear say, or even some info prime time TV has given me. :)

In street terms a psychologist can be a few different things, a person that crazy people talk to.  It can also be someone that intelligent people go to looking for advice.  However most psychologists never end up giving much advice, they just lead you down the path to what you know is right.  Is a business consultant the same thing?  Leading you down the path that you already knew was right?

In our day to day work flow we get so caught up in the process of exchanging money we rarely take the time to think about why we are doing it.  For that matter if we enjoy this exchange.  Is this exchange leading me down the right business path, the path I started on?  Has your business path changed for the better, or worse?

Call us to help you work through these issues.  You will be amazed at what one of our consultants can do for you.  No, they won’t just keep asking you “Well how does that make you feel?”

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