Sales | Train or bring in a “Hired Gun”

Everything is about sales these days…everything!

At times our clients ask us to attend sales or even negotiation sessions with their customers.  After these sessions the feedback starts flowing.  Giving them invaluable advise.

This sparked an idea at one of our round table meetings last week.  Why not offer Lead Closing as a training class or even a product?  Customers spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to generate leads.  With so much money invested, why not use the leads to their full potential.  Most business owners are good at selling what they do.  After all selling is an everyday occurrence.  How are you at selling to new customer, cold calls, you know people you have never spoken with before.  You procrastinate these vital leads, don’t you?  We understand.  How do you solve it?  We can help.

Call and get one our consultants on site.  Let them learn about your product.  After a day with our Lead Closing people you will be excited about getting out and calling on leads.  Our consultants will give you the tools you need to sell to new faces.

Do you manage a staff of sales people?  Do they need a ittle “pick me up”?  We can show groups these skills also.  Not all salespeople are born salespeople.

No time to sell?  We undestand that also.  Hire us to do it for you.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly our Lead Closing staff can pick up a product, devleop a marketing plan and hit the street.  We’re only a phone call away.

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