Layout changes and site additions

With the web team busy on four other projects right now I have taken on the task of updating the look on our site.  I recon our old site to a Landscaper with an un-mowed lawn.  Some of the best advance we give clients is to keep things updated and a constantly changing site creates interest and leads to more business.  We need to take some of our own advice.

The new design will offer two new addition

The first new area will offer News Feeds that are directed to small business owners.  The feeds will be updated every 15-20 minutes.  So bookmark us and check this new feature out daily.

I will also be adding an area that shows our client base.  Linking to directly to their websites a breif page will tell you what we have been advising each client on.  We hope this will help new clients understand how we can help them.

This new design will also help with transition of the .NET side of our business.  Offering hosting services and Exchange based data sync is key to our Web development.

Enjoy the new site and look for more daily news.

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