Owning….I mean owning keywords and tags

How would you like to own your biggest competitors name along with other keywords in his advertising slogan?  We can make that happen.

We were recently contacted by a automobile dealership names Wolf Interstate Leasing and Sales.  They needed help getting more hits and asked if we could redesign their site to get more hits.  The web team and I set up one of our free consultations.

During the visit the team and the client came to the conclusion that the site just needed some additions and some general updating.  The dealership was really looking was SEO help, Search Engine Optimization.

Fast forward to today.  The store has a handsome new site with links to all its inventory.  They also own keywords and tags from their closest competitor.  Here in Denver there a huge dealer group called Medved.  Our client’s location in 3 blocks from Medved’s largest store.  Medved uses one main slogan in all of it’s advertising “Exit Kipling, Exit Ward, but Exit the Giant Medved Autoplex”. Anyone who lives in Denver or has just moved here knows that slogan.  Since my client was so close to them I felt like they needed to capitalize on the larger stores advertising.

Our web team is now in support mode but the results are incredible.  Typing “Exit Kipling, Medved” into Google has some wonderful results.  We also worked hard on keywords like “used, cars, trucks, Wheatridge”.  Our client could not be happier.

This is just a small example of what CEOself can do for your business.  Call us and set up your free consultaiton today. 720.279.4709

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