Calendar Alarms Getting Ignored?

In today’s busy life…juggling personal and business events can be tough.  If your like me you use some sort of electronic device to keep everything organized.  These computer or PDA solutions provide alarms that remind us of upcoming events or tasks.  I have found that after a while these alarms become an annoyance.

My solution is an iPhone combined with iCal on my Mac.  I believe that the simple act of writing/typing these events somewhere helps me to remember them.  When the reminder alarm goes off I find that I am already on my way to the event.  Therefore the alarm become useless.

So what’s a good solution for those things you really need to be reminded of?

I have been using Oh, Don’t Forget.  It offers text messages queued up that are delivered at the date & time specified.  Good thing I have not become immune to the sound of an income text message.

What do you do to remind yourself of upcoming events and tasks?

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