Web Design “IS” Search Engine Optimization

Are you thinking of taking on the task of building your own website?  There are lots of options out there these days.  Ask yourself, ” Am I getting the best bang for my buck?

These days lots of people talk about search engine optimization or SEO, but very few talk about web design and how it alone can kill your search results.

Most of the online sources have lines for keywords or tags, but what are they doing with that info?  Is it actually helping you?  Can your self designed site you pay $12 a month for actually get you hits?  Quality hits, from actual people who will buy your product or use your service? The answer is NO.

When it comes to design, the first question you need to ask yourself is: “Am I going to be the primary force driving people to my site?”  In other words, is my site just a three-page brochure that I direct customers too?  If the answer is yes, then use one of the online sources to hang your business hat on.  Chances are…you already have a thriving business, right?…and you are using the site to save you time.  ;)

I can name a handful of our clients that come to us and ask us to redesign there site because it’s old, outdated, etc.  After sitting down and talking with these clients they admit they fell into the example above.  They were not honest with themselves about their previous $12 per month design.  Once all their customers had the web address, they only went to it a few more times.  Their customers ended up using it for info they should already have, a phone number or email address.  Suddenly their websites were basically useless.  That $12 a month would have been better spent on printing more business cards.

CEOSelf our web designs are simple, but they work!

  • They come with information the client can use to GROW their business
  • They allow for true client updates.
  • They make it easy for search engines to collect content.
  • They come with phone and email support

Very few online building sources offer these key components.  If they do, are they using your data as effective as they need to be?

You may be saving time and money now, but you’ll soon find yourself starting over.  Take the next step in web development.

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