We did it again | Gilpin County News is #1 Google

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We love to toot our own horn around here, so brace yourselves. CEOself helped The Gilpin County News get to the top of Google in just a few short weeks.  Here is how the ranking break down

  • “gilpin, county” = 3rd
  • “gilpin, county, gamin” = 1st
  • “gilpin, county, info” = 9th
  • “gilpin, county, news” = 1st  -duh
  • “news in gilpin county” = 1st

We started this back patting when we jumped another client to the top of Google with his tags words.  Wolf Interstate Leasing and sales is still #1.

This is rock science folks.  Leave it to the professionals.  Call CEOself today and get one of our Business Coaches out to talk to you.  We do everything from Web Development to setting up your cell phone to sync with your desktop.  We do it all folks.


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