New Customer Friday

Good Morning CEOself’ers it’s Friday again. That means “New Customer Friday” is in full swing. Get out there source a new customer or client and post your stories in the comments

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Twitter Coupons

I just saw a bit on the local news about how Twitter is being used to push daily coupons to potential customers. I turned to my wife, tossing my hands in the air, “What have I been saying for years”. She started nodding before I even said anything, as if to shorten the “I’m a genious moment.” What are your thoughts on Twitter and where it’s going? When it first started it was a true Social Network. In the past few months it’s turned into a spam infested, annoying borage of tinyurls and retweets. I...

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WordPress iPhone App Update

I finally got this stinking app working, well if this posts I did. has been a nightmare of a time working through some issues with thier iPhone app. If you have an iPhone and have been running into the same error I have then listen up. I fixed my issue by changing the blogs theme back to the Blue default. Once that is complete and activated connect you WordPress iPhone app to the blog. Once successfully connected go back to the blog and change your theme back. Hope that helped a few of you....

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Fixed issue with setting CPAN mirrors during CPAN module installation Initialize CPAN configuration when it is missing or corrupt Prevent redirect loops Update makecpphp to handle PHP 5.2.10

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-27

CEOself Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-20: CEOself Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-13: CEOself Tw.. # We are using internet radio to advertise a clients site today. Call us and we can help you market your business in way you never thought. #

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