Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-03

  • CEOself Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-27:
    CEOself Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-20:
    CEOself Tw.. #
  • CEOself | Server Update:
    Fixed issue with setting CPAN mirrors during CPAN module installati.. #
  • is getting excited about TheSkinCompany's website launch #
  • I'm working feverishly on a KeyNote I'll be giving Monday. This one is HUGE. Wish me luck…on the pre-work. It's back breaking. #
  • CEOself WordPress iPhone App Update: I finally got this stinking app working, well if this posts I did.
    .. #
  • CEOself Twitter Coupons: I just saw a bit on the local news about how Twitter is being used to push daily.. #
  • is craming. This week has been so busy. I need one of my consultants to help me write the copy for tomorrows presentation. Anyone? #
  • "New Client Friday" worked for me. Welcome DYE Enterprises. Did you get a new client Friday? #
  • E2Optics should roll out this week. If you need any type of broadband solutions equipment check out Temp URl is place #
  • Big presentation for the CEOself team tomorrow. Should go down smooth. Prep is key here folks. Everyone come to the table prepared! #
  • PowerPoint has nothing on Apple's KeyNote. I now got serious KeyNote skills now. ROCK! #

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