Skype | a Free Refrigerator

Why is it that when there is something Free in the world people don’t take advantage of it.

Case and Point: Free Refrigerator


How many of you have see a refrigerator sitting on one of your neighbors driveways?  Let’s say it had a huge Free sign on it.  Would you take it?  Could you use some more cold storage?  We’re all buying meat at Costco and Sam’s Club these days right?

Skype is a lot like this refrigerator.  A wonderful well working tool that if used in the proper way can help you communicate better with friends, family, co-workers anywhere in the world.  So why is it only deep tech savvy people using it?

Last week I had a client ask me about Magic Jack.  A informational based product that offer FREE local and long distance calls to anyone, all for $19.95.  The client said it was to communicate with family members.  After a few probing questions later he said the family members are currently using a Vongage USB line and he wants something like they have,but without all the Vonage billing mess.  I asked him if he had ever heard of Skype.  He said yes, “but it’s free and I don’t have a whole lot of confidence in free stuff these days”. I then told him I know of someone with a perfectly good working refrigerator for free.  He looked at me puzzled?

Folks why are we so scared of free stuff these days.  Skype is a perfect way to chat and video conference with friends, family and co-workers.  It’s free if both parties have a free account and a computer.  Don’t be silly, use it.

My Skype ID is of course “CEOself”

No I didn’t ask him if he need

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