Welcome Central City

Screen shot 2009-09-25 at 5.25.34 PMMost of the team is already over enjoying happy hour.  Soon their phones will be Twitter buzzing with this web post.  You see, I just found out a few moments ago that we were awarded the website contract for the City of Central (Central City).
The web team has been hard at work lately promoting itself and this is a just reward.

Central City is looking for a full revamp of their site, adding Twitter and FaceBook feeds too.  The City has also chosen to us to help them with updating.  See we are not like other web designers.  We build a site, then train the client to update it.  Our team is always in the background if a question arises.  We feel it’s very important for a client to have the tools to update their own page.

New content is key.  After all, these days once the data is uploaded it’s already stale.

Thank you Central City, you won’t be disappointed.

ps: not a bad “New Client Friday” around here.  How did you today?

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