Success -vs- Luck

luckycharms-luckyAre you lucky?  I mean really lucky.  Someone said that to me the other day.  They actually said that after asking how my business was doing.  While I was cordial and nodded my head in agreement after the conversation was over I took serious offense to being called lucky.

In this case lets talk about “being in the right place at the right time”.  A few years ago I might have not taken so much offense to the comment.  Today, with the push of social and direct networking, less and less of this type of success is really luck. Granted the meeting might have something to do with chance, but converting a “chance” meeting into a new customer has nothing to do with luck.

I don’t know about you, but I plan out meeting new customers every single day.  I actual prepare for these “chance encounters”.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t have bullet points tattooed on my arm, but I prepare.

The other day I met a gentleman in line at a local hardware store.  It was during the week and during “business hours”.  My first impression was not stellar.  I was in a pair of old shorts and a t-shirt.  He was there buying a plunger.  He was dressed in casual business clothes, but had on “suit and tie” shoes.  I looked down past the two cell phones on his belt at the plunger and said “good luck with that”.  He laughed and began to tell me a story about how he had to run over because his restaurant’s toilet was clogged, and he was the only one that could leave and get it.  I said “So the staff sends the owner over to grab a plunger?”  He smirked and said “I do everything.”  I told him that I sympathized with him.  We then began a conversation about his restaurant, where it was, how many locations, etc.

Next week I am meeting with him to discuss some organizational consulting, and hourly IT support.  Was this meeting chance, yes, but was I lucky, no.

Stop excepting your success as luck.  More important stop letting others define you as lucky.  What makes this chance meeting success?  Preparation.  Preparing for chance is not luck.  What told me this guy was a small business owner?  What told me he could use my services?  Experience and education told me.  It was wasn’t luck.  I created my own success.  This conversation could have turned to the nasty plunging story I have stored in my head.  I made the decision to discuss this business.

How much of your success do you or others chalk up to luck?

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