“May the Best Car Win”

may the best car win

Would the auto manufacturer that received a bailout from the government please stop with the capitalist advertising slogan?

During the beginning of 2009 General Motors was one of the largest recipients of the government auto bailout. This bailout saved GM from certain bankruptcy. They explained to us how an out of control, ever expanding dealer base was draining the car company. GM told us how many UAW workers would laid off if the company was left to fail. They worried us with the thought of an “American Icon” closing it doors.

The past few weeks have seen General Motors vehicles advertised on TV under the slogan “May the Best Car Win”™. How ironic? A slogan that asks for competition. It asks for a fair fight. The TV ads pit GM cars against imports from Toyota, Honda, even Mini. More ironic is the fact that these manufactures did not take or even need any of the bailout money. Why did they not need bail out money? They were already winning.

The key to capitalism is competition. The product that most people judge as the best will “win”. If we had let “the Best Car Win” eight months ago General Motors would have lost.

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