AARP | My Speach to Older Americans

A few weeks ago I was invited to speak at an AARP event. The topic was informing Tech Savvy Seniors.

I decided to talk about mobile phones. There is no gadget more scary, and more needed by Older Americans than mobile phones. The speech touched on the basics of how a cell phone works and we had a healthy question and answer session.

The event was held at a local Temple in East Denver. I arrived early. The young lady who was to speak before was from Medicare. After her speech was over she started taking questions. The final question was from and a man who had to be in his late 70s. He slowly worked himself out of his chair and said,

“Does Medicare cover medicinal marijuana?”.

I nearly fell out of chair. The lady from AARP next to me smiled while trying to hold back her burst of laughter. I leaned over to her and said “Rock on, good for him”


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