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We have been very excited about working on the UBADGE project over the past few months.  John and Scott are just a few weeks from full implementation.  However that’s not the reason for this posting.

While discussing UBADGE’s community involvement we recognized a need.  The community needed an avenue to sell t-shirts for organized events.  Most organizations set-up a time line, take orders and payment up to a certain date.  Once the funds and orders are in, they find a supplier, order and wait.  This process is outdated.  UBADGE and CEOself came up with a better solution.

UBADGE offers a organization the ability to put a shirt design on the web and allows supporters to buy them.  UBADGE makes the shirts to order, accepts the funds, and ships the shirt. The funds are then given to the organization on a weekly basis.  This concept gives the organization’s support the product in a few days in stead of weeks later.  The organization tels UBADGE how much to mark the product up.  They post on the product page how much of each design will be given back to the organization.

The first such shirt is currently being hosted for troyfightscancer.org.  Troy is John Paulsen’s brother in-law. In late January 2010 Troy was diagnosed with case of masticular melanoma.  Read more about troy and his battle here.

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