- use your WIFI SSID to market your business

Why not use your WIFI SSID to market your business to folks that may not know your business is close to them?
During a recent visit to the Orthodontist with my wife, I was left sitting in the waiting room with my WiFi only iPad. The orthodontist is in a typical medical building. It’s a two story building with about 20 suites on each level. Mostly filled with other medical offices.  Family  physicians, dentists, and even a physical therapist rent in this facility.
While searching for an open network I found the following list of SSIDs.  Does your businesses WIFI SSID look like this?

I can’t help but think what a missed opportunity this is.  I would say that most people in need of office based medical attention seek out that attention by geographic location.  In other words they look for it close to where they live or work.  So it’s safe to say that those individuals sitting in this orthodontics office may also be in need of a family physician, a dentist, a psychotherapist, and so on.

I am not a proponent of opening up your medical office’s WiFi network, however how about changing your SSID to something other than the default?  Maybe “FamilyDrSuite102″ or “GentalDentistSuite203″ or even “AcheeBones_Ste211″ would be better options.  This might create some interest in your business and drag in a customer from your Suite neighbor.

Good luck and happy WiFi networking!


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