– Pack 260′s website is updated

We spent a good portion of the day updating  The site is for a local Cub Scout Pack here in Castle Rock, Colorado.  CEOself donates time and hosting space to them.  In return they sell us some great popcorn every year.

The update we did today was all about growth.  The pack has more than doubled in size in the last two years.  Communication tools on the old site where outdated.  I was trying to think when we built that site…4 years ago…almost?

The new site will allow their readers to filter content easier.  We added a row of categories along the  header which will allow parents and Scouts to find the information that interests them quicker.

We also added a thumbnail photo gallery.  The site was really missing some color and we hope the writers will utilize the new Flickr account when posting updates.  Text only is so 2007 posting.  As with anything that goes with kids, pictures, and the internet.  We added an opt out/out in .pdf document to their forms page also.

Pack 262 enjoy your new site, and let us know if you need anything in the future.

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