motoringshirts – web, social, and shopping cart update

We are proud to announce the relaunch of the MotoringShirts project.  The company was started over two and half years ago in tandem with the old UBADGE brand.  The UBADGE brand was to focus on magnetic badges and introducing them to non-MINI customers.  While UBADGE is still very much on the table, MotoringShirts has taken off.  This brand like all the other apparel brands will remain under the RatherWear family of companies.  RatherWear will continue to provide custom apparel for small business.

Success means growth. Growth means an update.  During the past 5-6 weeks we have been updating the lanes in which we deliver MotoringShirts to the customer.  Originally the delivery was OpenCart, WordPress, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and flickr; all are great tools.

The OpenCart shopping site just had a full overhaul.  CEOself upgraded to the newest version of the open source software.  All the design images were remade, along with a new and more secure SSL connection.

We have decided to replace WordPress with tumblr.  The tumblr service will allow for more and informative updates.  It will feed out to our FaceBook and  Twitter accounts.

We decided to leave the rest alone.  After all, our YouTube videos get nice airtime.  Flickr is really a great tool that can’t be matched for socializing pictures.

Enjoy the new site everyone.


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