Word of mouth is best, we all know that.  Out team love it’s clients.  Sometimes to our detriment.  Whether it’s answering our mobile phone deep into the evening, or driving out to show a client how to use something AGAIN.  At CEOself, we go the extra mile or two.  All of our clients will tell you that.  Here is what just a few of our clients have to say about us.


We were a true start-up when we started working with CEOself.  Now we are full fledged business wokring on a cash basis that’s to John and the staff at CEOself.  They took us from a passionless simple product idea to full on production.  The consultant in charge of our project helped us to see the potential for not only the product we had in mind but another that was right in front of our face. UBADGE now has three of our four shopping carts sites online!  In only 4 months, we have products, websites, a customer base and income.  Did I mention that the sites are updatable by me…yes me the owner.  No calling different web designers to get a new product up.  CEOself trained us to update them.  UBADGE’s furture is bright in part because the work of CEOself.

- UBADGE – MotoringShirts – TrailDriven – BeautifulBike


“Working with the consultants at CEOself have helped us communicate better with our customers. Unlike so many partners in the past they are helping my people with ideas based in training. They don’t just come in and complete a job, they show my people and I how to do it for ourselves. CEOself showed us how to build and interactive training forum so our customers could report software errors and issues. This new forum notifies us when an issue arises. Our customer service has increased 200%.

My consultant also spent time trainging me on Quickbooks. Now I knew quite a bit, but the ‘bucket’ system he showed me really is going to save me time, which time is money.

They served as a project manager on a very important contract I did not have the manpower to cover, what a life saver. CEOself can do anything, I trust them like I trust my employees. They finish projects on time and under budget. I wish I could put into words everything they have done for my company.”



“My consultant saves me time and money by helping me organize my business. They show me how to give off a more professional front. Together we totally overhauled my business. I am making money again and passionate about being profitable. My customers thought I got bought out by a larger business. A more professional front end makes my customers feel more confident, they are sending me more referrals. Without CEOself I don’t know where I would be right now.”

- DenverDriver


“Gone are the days of outsourcing basic tasks like web design and mail server management. Our consultant trained us how to be productive at tasks that we were paying thousands for. I don’t need a huge Web presence, just something showing people what I do and how to contact me. Why pay hundreds a month to an internet guy for that?”

- BIGoffroad


“My wife and have a very small business. Our consultant helped us re-develop a business plan. She showed us a way to make profit that we never would have thought of. We get so caught up in the day to day operation that we forget to look “outside the box” for opportunities, we really got excited about our business again.

They are coming back out in a few weeks to show us how to put up a blog. This should help us get some more hits. Once the hits are grow, CEOself is going to show us how to actually make money with advertising. Maybe we can actually make money with we love to do.”

- CampingForums